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New rant, Facebook, cool kids, Breat Nipples and strange phone messages


No music, just an attempt at me being funny... music is to difficult to do if you are doing podsafe music... i don't have the time to find it all but i do have the time to talk...

This week its my first comedy routine when i was in the 7th grade, and things that you can't sample at Costco.

Ten songs you need to hear, no dj's just music! Play Listt Koast II Koast

Download "Where's The Weed At?" (mp3)
from "Koast II Koast"
by Kottonmouth Kings
Suburban Noize Records

Let's Build a Fire

Download "Steal the Blueprints" (mp3)
from "Let's Build a Fire"
by +/- {Plus/Minus}
Absolutely Kosher

are we not horses

Download "i am an excellent steel horse" (mp3)
from "are we not horses"
by Rock Plaza Central
Outside Music

Blank Screens

Download "Cherry Red" (mp3)
from "Blank Screens"
by The Static Age
ReIgnition Recordings

The Distance in Writing

Download "Blue Line" (mp3)
from "The Distance in Writing"
by Angels In The Architecture
ReIgnition Recordings

I Learned It By Watching You

Download "For Future Reference" (mp3)
from "I Learned It By Watching You"
by Alli With An I
ReIgnition Recordings

Gulag Orkestar

Download "Postcards From Italy" (mp3)
from "Gulag Orkestar"
by Beirut
Ba Da Bing!

Wholeness & Separation

Download "Honeythief" (mp3)
from "Wholeness & Separation"
by Halou

Lucky Number (The Best Of)

Download "Lucky Number" (mp3)
from "Lucky Number (The Best Of)"
by Lene Lovich
Oval Music

Emergency & I

Download "What Do You Want Me to Say?" (mp3)
from "Emergency & I"
by The Dismemberment Plan
DeSoto Records

Save This City

Download "Boy, You Better Save Face" (mp3)
from "Save This City"
by A Girl A Gun A Ghost
Hotfoot Records, inc


Know us

From Album not available

By Jillian Ann

Alizon Device

Download "Animal Control" (mp3)
from "Alizon Device"
by Alizon Device
Digitone Records


Download "New Years" (mp3)
from "Citrus"
by Asobi Seksu
Friendly Fire Recordings

Ultimate Alternative Wavers

Download "Revolution" (mp3)
from "Ultimate Alternative Wavers"
by Built To Spill

This Cursed House

Download "Hexenhaus" (mp3)
from "This Cursed House"
by Canada
Quite Scientific Records

This Cursed House

Download "Hexenhaus" (mp3)
from "This Cursed House"
by Canada
Quite Scientific Records

Viva!! EP

Download "Four Alarm" (mp3)
from "Viva!! EP"
by Cinema, Cinema
Digitone Records

Of Course

Download "Anything/Selling That Thing" (mp3)
from "Of Course"
by Make Believe
Flameshovel Records


Download "Everyday" (mp3)
from "Everyday"
by Carly Comando
Deep Elm

The Sweet Black Bear

Download "Crushing Your Head" (mp3)
from "The Sweet Black Bear"
by Slot
Small Stone Records


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